An unfair tax on electric vehicles is threatening our clean air and innovation
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About this campaign
Harmful transport pollution affects all our health, especially our children.

But even as we hit 1700 deaths a year from this air pollution, the SA, VIC and NSW governments are trying to put a special tax on 'clean air' electric vehicles that don't pollute.

We need to stop this wrong headed tax in its tracks. While the rest of the world is offering incentives to purchase clean electric cars that don't emit harmful fumes, South Australia is set to become the first government in the world to tax them specifically. Victoria has now joined them, and NSW wants to quickly follow suit.

For the sake of the air we all breathe, let's stop the Clean Air Tax.
Take action
Let's tell the SA, NSW and VIC governments that we value the air we breathe, and we don't want it taxed.
The South Australian Government is about to be the first in the world to put a punitive tax on 'clean air' electric vehicles. Tell him to stop it.
The NSW Treasurer wants to follow South Australia's lead and reverse the global trend of reducing emissions, by introducing a tax that'll keep our air dirtier, longer. Tell him to stop it.
The Victorian Government is about to follow South Australia to be the second in the world to put a punitive tax on 'clean air' electric vehicles. Tell them to stop it.
Not in NSW or SA? NSW is already following SA's lead, and other states may soon follow - unless we send a signal that no Australian state should tax the transition to clean vehicles. Tell your MLA.
Why is an electric vehicle tax a bad idea?
A new Clean Air Tax will keep our air dirtier for longer, damage our climate and our health.
Bad for our air quality
Approximately 1715 deaths were attributable to transport emissions each year in Australia according to a Melbourne University's Energy Institute study in 2017. This means more people are killed by dirty car emissions than car accidents each year.
Bad for our children
Transport pollution and proximity to roads are linked to the prevalence of asthma and allergies -- the most common cause of doctor visits for children under five. Because the tiny particles get into the bloodstream, they contribute to heart disease and diabetes. Causes of death from transport emissions include lung diseases, asthma, lung cancer and infections like pneumonia.

Bad for our climate
To achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 Australia has only 15 years to get electric vehicles from 0.6% to 100% of new cars sold. Given they are only projected to reach 21% of car sales by 2030, that's a significant challenge made only harder by a big new tax.
Bad for fair taxation
Electric vehicles already contribute more in government revenue when compared to a typical family car. They pay Stamp Duty, GST, and in some cases the luxury car tax. They contribute more tax revenue for road maintenance than a traditional petrol/diesel car.
Bad for innovation
Australian governments have already killed off the entire petrol/diesel car manufacturing industry in Australia. We have the opportunity to begin a new Australian car manufacturing industry by building electric vehicles, and the batteries, parts, charging stations and other infrastructure that supports them. Only a short-sighted government kills off an innovative industry.